Xscapers Lifetime Membership Challenge – #8 Gary Quimby of Pau Hana Travles

Over the years during conversations with other Xscapers, Travis and Melanie would make comments that anyone who tattooed the X logo would get a free lifetime membership in appreciation of their dedication to the club. They didn’t have any expectations that anyone would take us up on this sarcastic remark. That all changed during the Annual bash this year when several Xscapers approached them about a ‘tattoo rumor’. The first 10 Xscaper’s to get the RV Clubs logo permantely inked in a visable space that is at a minimum of 2 inches would get a lifetime membership into the club. Gary didn’t do it for the lifetime membership he did it because of the Xscaper’s we started vlogging, it’s why we went to Alaska to host a Convergence, we weren’t even suppose to go to the desert this winter but the lure of our tribe called us out, and then we hung out with amazing people in the desert for over 3 months, we got asked to be in a movie, we formed life long relationships stronger than some of our own family bonds, we have influenced others to become Xscapers (Mark Bydalek & Andrew Pullen just to name a couple) and became brothers and sisters with our Table Mesa Crew, the Mud Tribe and RV Nomads. It’s all because of the Xscapers. It’s much more than just a corporate logo. Its more than a lifetime membership in a club, it’s a way of life. Before the Xscapers it was just Gary and I on the road and now we have an entire tribe, an Xscapers Tribe! #xscapers #ourtribe #rvlife (Season 3 Episode 19)

We are trying to upload to our channel 3 times a week and have come up with the following video schedule:
~Maintenance Monday’s where we showcase products, gizmos and gadgets we use that help maintain our RV.
~Wanderlust Wednesday’s where we focus on our travels and adventure.
~Friday Night Chats where we come to you live if signal permits and discuss what we have been up to for the past week.

Film Location: Spokane, WA
Filmed: April 9, 2018
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