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March-April 2018 – We are currently off the road at our home base in Eastern Washington adulting and conducting our annual community volunteerism before we head out to Texas for filming of the movie RV Nomads in May.

On Saturday September 16th 2017 we crossed back into the United States and into Washington State. Later that afternoon we arrived at our home base just outside Spokane, WA.  We are thankful for a safe passage home and are currently unwinding from almost 11 months straight on the road.  We took a few weeks to re-adjust to home life before we began editing and releasing our Alaska videos.  We will continue to release 1 to 2 videos a week until caught up.  Again, we appreciate your patience and thanks again for hanging in there with us and until next time… Pau Hana!

Data is always hard to come by when on the road and we have found the perfect solution to staying connected while on the road.  If you are parked nearby and see our free wifi signal for guest use please CLICK HERE.

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