Rving Alaska: Dalton Highway to Prudhoe Bay – Return to Fairbanks

In this episode we drive Southbound the final 360 miles on the Dalton Highway from Galbraith Lake to Fairbanks and catch the entire drive on time lapse. Along the way we encounter a couple of moose, drive thru Wiseman and have a cold beer from the northern most brewery, Silver Gulch Brewery, in the northern most bar in Coldfoot, Alaska.

The Dalton Highway or what is better known as the “haul road” made famous by the television show Ice Road Truckers. The trip is over 500 miles long each way on dirt and gravel roads riddled with pot holes, frost heaves and speeding 18 wheelers just trying to make their delivery in the fastest time possible. We got so much great footage we are having to break up the episodes into a several part series so you can capture the road and the beauty that the Brooks Range, the North Slope and the Far North of Alaska holds. So sit back and enjoy one of our most epic adventures of Alaska yet!

(Season 2 – Episode 30)

– Part 1 of our Dalton Trip can be seen here: https://youtu.be/E1dpfdGdk-U
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– Part 3 of our Dalton Trip can be seen here: https://youtu.be/_GQfugI6J4A
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-Part 5 of our Dalton Trip can be seen here:

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Film Location: Fairbanks, Alaska
Filmed: June 25, 2017
Music from licensed Wondershare Filmora.com & EpidemicSound.com material.

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